Our Values & Ethos

Our motto of Aspire, Enjoy, Achieve encapsulates the ethos of our school where every individual is encouraged and supported to do the best they can do and to be the best they can be, and tells of the positive experience students have both inside and outside of the classroom.

Underpinning this are a range of curriculum topics which develop students’ understanding of what it means to be a citizen in modern Britain. Through our taught curriculum and extracurricular provision we offer a range of opportunities for our students to engage with the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs; students develop and demonstrate skills and attitudes that will allow them to participate fully in and contribute positively to life in modern Britain. 

This is reflected through our Core Values of Aspire, Enjoy and Achieve.

We take pride in our promotion of democracy, freedom and the rule of law as evidenced through our extensive student council and student leadership opportunities. Students see the democratic process in action and are heavily involved in making decisions, hearing students’ speeches, challenging opinions and ultimately exercising their democratic right to vote. During lessons, for example in Personal Development and History, students are given the opportunity to learn about how modern Britain has been shaped to become the tolerant country that it is today.

Our extensive and evolving careers guidance process encourages students to think about developing the skills and attitudes that will enable them to continue to participate fully and make a positive contribution to life in modern Britain. Students are given regular opportunities to consider the skills they will need to be successful in the modern world and 1:1 interviews with a careers advisor help them to choose the most appropriate Post 16 pathway suiting their skills and abilities. We also hold the Quality in Study Support Award which emphasises our commitment to equality of opportunity for all of our students.

As part of our commitment to developing our students’ appreciation of British values, we also ensure that our Spiritual, Social, Moral and Cultural development programme underpins both the taught and wider curriculum.

Our programme of assemblies, and the accompanying Thought for the Week, shaped by our inclusive ethos, are there to inspire students and encourage them to become thoughtful, compassionate, tolerant and successful individuals. In addition, our Religious Education curriculum supports British values in a variety of ways. Through following the curriculum document Harmony and Diversity: Religious Education in Leicester City we enable students to acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and the other principal religions in the UK, including Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam and other religions as appropriate. This addresses, amongst others, the values of democracy and human rights, with the aim that students are able to respectfully disagree and understand that there may be different contesting views about an issue.

Ensuring the welfare, health and safety of the young people at SVC is paramount, and this is evident not only in our Health and Safety and Behaviour Policies, but also that we hold the Antibullying Award.