Did you go to Soar Valley College? If you’re a former student who would like to support current students, we would absolutely love to hear from you!

Currently, we have students in school facing similar challenges and opportunities that you once did. Being connected to you could really help them aspire for more.

It doesn’t matter when you left school, whether you’re in further education or employment, whether you still live nearby or have moved further away, there are still ways you can help.

A large number of students in the state school don’t know many people from the world of work. Day in day out, quite often they only see teachers and family members. This can sometimes lead to them feeling lost and confused about their next steps. We think that for students to have the chance to speak with yourselves about your journey since leaving Soar Valley College could really help to inspire them.

There are many ways in which your time, skills and experience can be used to support students currently attending the school:

• Helping out on event days: Post 16 evening, National Careers Week, WOW (world of work) week
• Allowing us to create a poster of your achievements
• Mentoring
• Internships / visits to a workplace
• Interview practice
• Assemblies and talks

Music Artist and Founder of The Underground Creatives Delivers community music workshops and projects in Leicestershire and across the East Midlands.


Education: University of Birmingham - BSc Economics
Current Employer: PwC
Job Title: Deals Advisory - Corporate Finance M&A Associate
Work within financial advisory and a variety of clients from large corporates, small privately owned businesses and private equity houses to help facilitate the process of buying/selling companies and raising finances through debt/equity.

Education: City University London - BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management
Current Employer: Santander
Job Title: Business and Change Manager
Currently work within Corporate Lending in Santander UK plc. I manage processes/controls/access permissions in the one system utilised to book any corporate lending deals.   



I left Soar Valley College in 2008 and did a hairdressing apprenticeship. I had her first son, Harley in 2012 when just turned 20 decided to go to college and study an access to nursing and midwifery course. Alongside this, I worked in a care home to gain experience. I had my second son, Finley in 2016 and then started her nurse training in 2018, qualified in March 2021 and has been working in ITU as a staff nurse since then. I worked hard to get all the relevant grades I needed to go uni by doing GCSE equivalents whilst at college and by completing my access course.

Nursing is a job that I am really proud of and working in the NHS amongst other health care professionals is extremely rewarding. 


For more information on, or to sign up to, the Soar Valley College alumni network, email: