Our Careers Programme

Year 7

For Year 7, our pastoral curriculum, focuses on helping students to get to know themselves and to think about ways in which we can make a good first impression. Year 7 students take part in competitions and activities throughout the year during tutor periods to introduce them to the world of careers and employability. Year 7 students also receive an assembly and registration activities as part of National Careers Week.

Year 8

The pastoral curriculum for Year 8, helps students to identify their skills and qualities, thus supporting their upcoming key decision making moments in Year 9. By identifying skills and qualities early, we believe that students will be better equipped to understand themselves in relation to the world of work. Year 8 also explore the idea of gender stereotypes. We aim to encourage students to consider the impact of gender stereotypes and feel less restricted in terms of what they can go on to achieve regardless of their gender. Year 8 will also receive an assembly and registration activities as part of National Careers Week.

Year 9

Year 9 focusses on their GCSE option choices. For Year 9 we build upon their prior learning in Year 7 and Year 8 and encourage students to reflect on their personal skills and qualities to enable them to make informed decisions about their future. We work to provide a range of opportunities for students to meet with employers from the world of work to ensure that they are gaining and insight into different aspects of the work place. Year 9 also have activities and an assembly devoted to careers education as part of National Careers Week.

Year 10

Year 10 students take part in WOW (world of work) week which runs during the summer term. As part of this week of activities, students will write a CV, draft a personal statement, explore our online careers platform, KUDOS and have the opportunity to meet with a range of employers. The WOW programme has been put in place to support students moving forward into Year 11 and beyond. As part of National Careers Week, Year 10 students also receive careers education input through assemblies and morning registration activities.


Year 11

From September – January, we support students with their college applications. Students have in school tutor periods to guide them through writing their personal statement, identifying the correct level of entry at Post 16, searching for courses and making applications. Students have additional input on apprenticeships, T levels and are all invited to attend our annual Post 16 Options Evening which brings in a wealth of Post 16 providers for students to speak with. All Year 11 students receive additional careers input as part of National Careers Week.