Our House System

The Soar Valley House system embeds a sense of community, friendship and healthy competition amongst both students and staff.  A strong House identity empowers our students to participate and thrive in all aspects of school life, both in and out of the classroom. It is about unlocking students’ full potential, going beyond the curriculum and supporting students to build their confidence and self-esteem. This, partnered with academic achievement, will give the students the tools required to achieve beyond school life. This ensures Soar Valley students continue to make positive contributions to the wider community.

Soar Valley is an exceptional school and we strongly believe that our House system:

·         Promotes a greater sense of belonging and pride in our school.

·         Develops positive rapports

·         Encourages teamwork and brings everyone in the college together.

·         Improves confidence and interpersonal skills.

·         Enhances staff relationships with students.

·         Provides further opportunities for our students to take responsibility and develop leadership skills, including the opportunity for student leadership within the House system.

·         Creates further opportunities for extracurricular participation.

·         Fosters a stronger sense of community.

There is a thriving series of Inter House Competitions, which encompass all areas of school life from the academic, artistic to the sporting. Competition between houses is a healthy one with our students taking great pride in their own achievements, whilst respecting the successes of other houses.

Every student and every member of staff belong to a House.  We have six Houses which are named after famous parks because they have a link to Leicester and the surrounding area. The names of our Houses were chosen by students and staff nearly seven years ago and since then the system has gone from strength to strength.

Each House consists of about two hundred and sixty students, who are allocated a House according to their tutor group; they meet in regular House assemblies throughout the year.

Each House is led by a dedicated member of staff known as the Head of House. Each House also has two House captains (elected members of the student body) who lead separate House council meetings across the school. This is done with House representatives from each form to ensure that the student voice from all years is represented. They are supported by their Head of House who facilitates the meetings. House captains then take the outcomes of the agenda to the student council for further discussion and review before feeding back any potential action points.

Head of House
Form Groups



Miss S Kamutaundi

7.1;7.7;8.1;8.7;9.1;9.7;10.1;10.7; 11.1;11.7



Mr R Hatto

7.2;7.8;8.2;8.8;9.2;9.8;10.2;10.8; 11.2;11.8



Mr L West

7.3;7.9;8.3;8.9;9.3;9.9;10.3;10.9; 11.3;11.9



Mrs A Richardson

7.4;7.10;8.4;8.10;9.4;9.10;10.4;10.10; 11.4;11.10



Miss P McKillop

7.5;7.11;8.5;8.11;9.5;9.11;10.5;10.11; 11.5;11.11



Miss D. Underwood

7.6;7.12;8.6;8.12;9.6;9.12;10.6;10.12; 11.6;11.12