The Curriculum at Soar Valley aims to allow all students access to a range of experiences that will:

  • Inspire a love of learning

  • Build the knowledge and skills to succeed

  • Enable them to make the most of the opportunities offered in a diverse and changing world.

In constructing the curriculum for each subject, careful attention has been paid to the organisation and sequencing of the material to be learnt. Subject leaders have created curriculum maps showing the order in which material is taught with the related schemes of learning making explicit the knowledge students need to have learned in order to move on successfully.  Teachers in the classroom are subsequently able to plan effective lessons that meet the needs of the students in front of them.

As a mainstream state school, we follow the National Curriculum. More information on the National Curriculum can be found here.

To learn more about the curriculum at each phase of your child’s education whilst at Soar Valley please select from Key Stage 3 or Key Stage 4 below.



If you wish to find out more details about a curriculum subject then please contact Mr Cumming -