Sam Learning

We use SAM Learning as online support because it has been proven to improve student performance. A 10 year series of impact studies, completed by the Family Fischer Trust (FFT), found the impact on student outcomes (especially at GCSE level) when 10 task hours were completed over an academic year was equivalent to 1 grade higher for at least 2 GCSE subjects.

A guide for parents/carers and students.
If you click on the link above it will take you to the SAM learning log in page. All students have been given log in details and have been shown how to log in.

Students need three pieces of information to log into SAM Learning, the school’s SAM Learning Centre ID (LE4SV), their User ID and their Password;

User ID
Pupils’ User IDs are made up from their Dates of Birth and their initials, forename and surname. For example David Jones, born 1st August 1995, would have the User ID 010895DJ. All students should have their own passwords written down.