Thank you for your interest in our school. We believe it is a unique place to work. We are proud of our outstanding school, our caring, inclusive ethos, our high standards and our achievements for all. Our most important asset is our staff, both teaching and support staff. If you are passionate about influencing and inspiring children, please see the link below for current vacancies.



Exchange (Alternative Provision Lead)

Alternative Provision Tutor - Teaching Assistant Level 3

Senior D&T Technician (Level 3)

Why work at Soar Valley?

We think it is a superb school and are confident that all who join us agree. Turnover of staff is generally very low, a reflection of our supportive, developmental and caring ethos.


• “Staff are friendly and quick to help, it’s well-resourced to support learning and there has always been a clear leadership across middle and senior levels.”

• “The English team is fantastic and made my role as an English teacher one that I felt proud of and well supported in. Excellent leadership”

• “I enjoyed the opportunities to progress in the role and the ability to have a positive impact on students learning.”

• “I feel valued and appreciated in my role.”

• “The school culture is very family oriented.”

• “I am grateful to have been a part of the SV experience.”

• “I loved working with the lovely students and having such nice relationships with my colleagues (many of who I wish to stay in touch with - colleagues). There’s nothing I didn’t like.”

• “Inclusive, friendly and motivating”

• “A place where I would send my own children if I lived locally. I have a SEN child and feel they would be well supported if they came here.”

• “SLT are friendly, approachable and lead very well.”

• “It’s the best place to work. I have loved working at SVC. All the other schools I have worked for cannot beat SVC. It’s the staff and the friendly atmosphere which no other school has.”

• “I loved the sense of community in the school, and the support that I received.”

A group of staff have put together our Staff Wellbeing Charter, an outline of the strategic measures we have taken to address wellbeing and workload issues, as well as some of the 'nice to haves', those little thing that make our working life more enjoyable. Click here to see Our Staff Wellbeing Charter

Click here to see Our Detailed Professional Development at Soar Valley

Further information about specific posts can be obtained by emailing or by calling 0116 2688441